Services We Provide

“Architecture ignites sentiments. Our aim is to create those sentiments more precise”

We, at Design Paradise, adopt an interdisciplinary design approach which synchronizes innovation, culture and time to build an inspirational and sustainable landmark projects that define the landscapes of their locations.

As architects, we strive for timeless awestruck designs that proudly celebrate, respect and embody the routines, rituals and functional requirements of our client, while offering comfort and uniqueness. We brainstorm the concepts of contemporary architecture and fuse it with modern architecture.

We provide comprehensive services for projects that include feasibility studies, conceptual design development, and construction.

“Interior design is the soul, whereas, exterior architecture is the body”

Our interior design team offers customized design solutions that resonate with creativity, innovation, comfort, health and sustainability. Through diligent planning and creative problem-solving, we design spaces to blend interiors with exterior architecture and deliver the work to fulfil client expectations.

Our project experiences in interior design spans across all types of business & domestic spaces – from commercial offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, dental and cosmetic clinics to all type of residential spaces. We provide customised solutions for home decor including house designs, bedroom designs, and living room designs. We are continuously engaged with key stakeholders to enhance culture and achieve goals.

“If you think, good design is expensive, you should estimate the cost of a bad design”

We fuse art, graphics, creativity and communication to create environments that reinforce brand identity, positive experience and connection with the users. Our designers help our clients to establish a unique brand identity and our experience in wayfinding and signage strategy allows us to create impactful solutions, according to the needs of our client.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

Art enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings. Therefore, collecting art and accessories for brand-defining spaces requires expertise and our canvas consultants can serve your design goals better by breathing the vibrancy of fully realized art programs into your space. We are associated with a network of galleries, artisans, and craftspeople to cater to your vision.

“Life + Art + Light + Soul = Illuminated Place”

We offer lighting design services to transform and create a meaningful architectural design. Texture, Shadow, Highlight, Glow, Accent, Punch are all terms we use on a regular basis to explain our lighting design concepts.

Lighting creates an ambience, reflects the mood and enables human vision. Our lighting designers blend art and science to create a paradise, supported by client aspirations and energy efficient solutions.

We are taskmasters who understand the complexities at every level. We provide the expertise of our project managers who mobilizes resources to streamline and complete the project on time and within budget projects.

Our process includes design quality management reviews and consultant coordination, budget management, monthly reporting, design scheduling and design fee cash flow forecasting, to the highest quality.

We think landscape design as an opportunity to build relationships: between people, between people and nature, and between history and modernity. Therefore, we aim to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

With a keen understanding of how space is perceived, our Landscape Planning & Designing teams carefully evaluate each site’s unique physical and historical characteristics to deliver ecologically and financially sustainable solutions combined with comfort and functionality.

We stretch the design boundaries, but always with a practical guidance of an experienced team of engineers to develop sustainable architecture. Every site is new and our engineers are skilled at crafting unique solutions through assessment studies.

Structural Engineering
We offer structural designs that are optimized for safety, sustainability, and rationality. As the architectural design takes form, our structural engineers collaborate with the architect and the team to build the structural integrity.

MEP Engineering
MEP engineers analyze everything from airflow and thermal environments to acoustics, lighting and water usage. As part of the design team of Design Paradise, electrical engineering involves designing the lighting to complement the architecture, whereas, mechanical engineering HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems are looked after.